Thursday, July 15, 2010

Winter morning Doodle..

this quiet time of reflection
long nights
snuggly warmth

I can see you Te Aroha ..far mountain of love
through bare winter trees
that in summer hide you from my view

I see the rising sun
blood red in the east
painting long shadows on my wall

how glad I am to be here
on this winter morning

may the darkness of winter rest our souls
may the gentle warmth of winter sun tend our hearts
may the sharing of warm food bring us togetherness
may the stripping bare of old thoughts ready us for rebirth
when spring comes...

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  1. What a beautiful poem, and a very tingly tree! I love the curly roots too.

  2. We are experiencing 90 degree weather and triple digit heat index here in the Midwest of the U.S. The poem makes me long for the cool, winter months ahead :)

    Beautiful winter tree!

  3. "may the darkness of winter rest our souls" How beautiful that is and I will keep it in my mid for a cold winter day. Today, it is already 81 degrees (F), humid and overcast. Your doodles always make me smile and I especially love your tree roots.

  4. Thank you for your wonderful comments all of you. i wish I could parcel up some of our perfect and clear and warm.. and send it off to you all. Ecxept to Juliet who is enjoying it too!

    We are in for rain they say. But what perfect school holidays we've had.

  5. This is so beautiful and when out walking very early this morning the sky was ablaze with with the blood red glow - but not at all cold - i enjoyed seeing the day wake up.

  6. Oh, how I am longing for a winter morning right now!

    Joan, no problem. I can take you off Magpie Tales, if you want. Or, if you'd like to write an entry, I'll leave you on!

  7. Thank you Willow.. and thank you for joining my blog! That was a nice outcome after all!

  8. That is a lovely poem Joan, I will look at it on dark January days when it seems winter will never end and I'm sure it will brighten me. I love your new glasses. Jane xx

  9. oh my..I write like that...
    really glad to find someone to connect with
    one who understands words and images
    starting from inside