Sunday, May 30, 2010

Willow The Cat and Victoria-Sofia.

Victoria-Sofia was watching Willow The Cat .
The sparrows had given up trying to eat the bread on the lawn.
Willow had even resorted to eating the sparrow's bread.

Victoria-Sofia is sure the dancing lights in the garden
are fairies.
She knows all about fairies because her Grandma has fairies
at her house.
The fairies look after her when she sleeps at Grandma's house.

Do you know what! Victoria-Sofia can spell the word
with her eyes shut!

On the sixth of June Victoria-Sofia is having her sixth birthday!
Only seven sleeps to go

I told her , she will be six and I will be sixty-six.

"WooHoo! " Victoria-Sofia exclaimed!
"And next year I'll be seven and you'll be seventy-seven!!!"

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Just Another Doodle.

Sunday morning.
In bed with a cup of tea and toast with honey.
The thermometer in the kitchen showed 15 degrees Celsius..
I can hear the cathedral bells so the breeze is a nor'easter.
The sun is shining but there is a nip in the air.
Two more days and winter officially arrives.

Down in my little garden Willow The Cat lies on the lawn ready to pounce.
Nearby in the small bare Gladitsia tree sit the sparrows
aware of The Cat and eyeing the bread I threw on the lawn earlier.
Little mirrors on the mobile hanging in the tree send small squares of light
dancing like fairies round and round on the green hedge.

I listen to World Watch on Radio NZ and catch up with the wider world
of oil leaks and vulcanoes and Three Hits And You're Out
and people warring and killing whales and ....
and all the while the sun shines and the light hitting my bedroom walls
creates wondrous works of art.

I take up my pen and make marks on my paper
and what appears is a crazy mix of pattern and form..
just like this wondrous planet we live on.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thank you Eve for having me to your party.
You were such a good little party girl
with all your little friends and big friends..
and those delicious cupcakes your clever Mummy made.
It was a wonderful party.
One year old and beautiful!

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Friday, May 28, 2010

A Doodle For a Special Little Person Who is Turning One

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Having Fun With Joan's "If I were..."

I found this on Joan's blog and had fun choosing for myself...

If I were a month I'd be May.
If I were a day I'd be Sunday.
If I were a time of day I'd be sunrise.
If I were a planet I'd be Jupiter.

If I were a sea animal I'd be a seal.
If I were a direction I'd be North.
If I were a piece of furniture I'd be a sofa.
If I were a liquid I'd be red wine.

If I were a gem stone I'd be a garnet.
If I were a tree I'd be a nikau palm.
If I were a tool I'd be a paint brush.
If I were a flower I'd be a I'd be a viola.

If I were an element of weather I'd be mist.
If I were a musical instrument I'd be a harp.
If I were a colour I'd be purple.
If I were an emotion I'd be joy.

If I were a fruit I'd be a fig.
If Iwere a sound I'd be laughter.
If I were an element I'd be air.
If I were a car I'd be a VW Beetle.

If I were food I'd be oats.
If I were a place I'd be Fiordland.
If I were material I'd be chiffon.
If I were a taste I'd be mint.

If I were a scent I'd be rosewater.
If I were a body part I'd be eyes.
If I were a song I'd be Halleluia.
If I were a bird I'd be a Grey Warbler.

If I were a gift I'd be cookies.
If I were a city I'd be Venice.
If I were a door I'd be open.

If I were a pair of shoes I'd be high heels.
If I were a poem I'd be The Song Of Songs!

This came originally from Joan On her Blog A wild Patience.
Have a go friends! A fun way to waste some time instead of going to bed!

Daily Doodle..

I like the way my doodles often have a travelling theme.
On the move.
A metaphor for change and growth and learning..
exploring and letting loose.
That's what I think anyway.
Is my house morphing into a tent?


Wherever I am
I'll joyfully pitch my tent.
Where the heart is ..home.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Little bird I Live with..

Riroriro sings
again, her nest unguarded.
Beware the cukoo!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Looking Through Old Photos.

The year was 1956 I think, when my mother at the age of 47 ..I think, gave birth to her sixth child.
He was a "surprise" baby. Mum was already a grandmother.
I was twelve and I was ashamed that my mother was "expecting" at the same time as my older married sister.
I told my best friend Ruth that my sister was having her second baby.
I didn't tell her my mother was having a baby too!

When Peter Quentin was born a dark cloud descended.
I listened all ears to adult discussions and heard my father say
the baby was "a mongol".

My little sister Linda was his champion. To Linda he was nothing but her adored little brother.
He was late to walk and Linda lumped him around on her hip.

Peter was knocked down and killed by a car on a pedestrian crossing at the age of 24.
We have many memories of his life and the funny things he did, the music he loved and the impact he had on our lives.
All he asked was to be treated with love and respect and he gave it back in return a hundredfold.

After having my own sons I returned to teaching and became involved in special education.
It was my privilege to know and teach many children with Down's Syndrome.
They are amongst the loveliest people I've known.
How different it would be today if a child with Down's Syndrome came into my family.
Personally there would be no dark cloud at all,
because I would know that here is a little person full of potential and love just waiting to be loved and accepted just the way they are.

Little sister Linda and little brother Peter Quentin.
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Aiden's spider-web.

A better look at the web Aiden spotted.
In true adult fashion I sprayed it so the camera could pick it up clearly.
I love the way this little spider made a web at my door.
I have mentioned before how I watched spellbound one evening
while a spider spun a perfect orb
and vowed I would never again destroy a web.
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Be like little children...

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Aiden is 3 !

A great present Ann and Steve. Aiden was well pleased.. and wore his gloves to the supermarket!
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A visit of Delight! Leila and Aiden come visiting.

Aiden has had his third birthday.
He came to get the present that Ann and Steve, now in London,
had left for him.
First things first...he had to visit the Lovebug and take little sister Leila for a ride.
"This is an old car. I like this car," said Aiden.

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The daily doodle.

My doodles really do reflect my mind?
Totally whacky and wild.
This one brings to mind my favourite Meliors' quote

"For my children I am a house and a door.
For my lover I am a silk tent flapping!"

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Monday, May 24, 2010

My Alma Mater.

Friend Ruth gave me this photo today.
This is our complete High School on the Manukau Peninsula
and our one teacher Mr Aspinall.
His wife used to come to help out , teaching us maths.
Not with much success in my case!
Most of us had been together at Awhitu School since the age of five.
As we grow older we have a strong sense of belonging and enjoy meeting up.
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My High School!

This is me outside our High School!
A pre-fabricated classroom and one teacher Mr Aspinall.
I think it was the foundation year ..the first secondary school on the Manukau Peninsula.
Notice I have no blouse must have been a hot day.
We were more often than not bare footed and very casual about wearing uniforms!
The following year a "proper" science lab. was built for us.
I look at this little girl and I am rather amazed
at the life I have consequently had.
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Cold Weather and Knitting Needles!

The cold weather encouraged me to get out my knitting needles!
I've been away for a couple of nights.. including a visit to see
my friend Ruth.. and I managed to knit two little beanies
while chatting!
The wool is cashmere, marino and silk. Very soft and lovely.
Now I just have to crochet some flowers to add to them.
Winter is here and the drought has broken. We've had several days of rain to soak the earth.
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Thinking about water: oil spills; our precious rivers and lakes.

Precious water.
The essence of my being.

"Enlightenment, for a wave in the ocean,
is the moment the wave realises it is water."
Thich Nhat Hanh
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Water Blessings

Water Blessings

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today's doodle.

Isn't life so serendipitus.
I was thinking about Joseph Campbell while doodling,
having mentioned him earlier.
I opened my e-mails and there was today's thought from
a quote from Joseph Campbell.

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My Quilt Is waiting to be Quilted!

Here is the top of my bed quilt.. I have pinned it to the batting and back.
Now I have to quilt it.
I have been procrastinating for nearly a year!
The wedding is over. No more excuses. I post it here to shame myself into action!
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Daily Doodle.

I rather botched my doodle last night but I like the boat.

I love metaphors. In fact I have come to think that our belief systems are metaphor..
explanations of the inexplicable.
If we all believed this, we would rejoice in the wonderful belief systems there are in our world... the beauty of the metaphors... the amazing diversity of expressing the inexplicible...

instead of saying " My belief is right ..yours is wrong.."
How different our world would be then.
The whole of Earth would dance and we would respect each other.
We could all live simply by the Golden Rule.
Oh what a dreamer I am!
What do you think?

The Catholic Church is where I feel at home. It is old and not perfect
but the metaphors are so beautiful.
It is a church for mystics .
Quiet and sensual.. candles and incense and colour and chanting and...

I have felt the same presence in Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist temples.

What do you think?

Joseph Campbell the American Philospher opened my eyes to myth and metaphor.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Late Afternoon Walk Around The Gardens.

Today Linda and I went to see the wonderful funny/sad movie "BOY".
After years of teaching in a wonderful low-decile school, I felt I knew these children. So real and heart-breakingly amazing. A movie I will see again..and again...I think.
I have just read Meliors' post "Ruby Anniversary" (Bibliophilia blog) and her post and the movie have made me feel very humble and proud to be a New Zealander.
Later we walked around the city gardens in the late afternoon. I love our gardens. My photos are not good but the gardens were beautiful in the soft light. We finished a happy sisters day with a very scrummy dinner at Chim Choo Ree.

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In The Italian Garden.

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In The Chinese Garden.
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In The English Garden.
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