Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Little Winter Dreaming...

Tomorrow is National Poetry Day.. so here's my little effort. This photo I took the other day is a bit hazy but it makes me think of Maui and his battle with the sun.

light streams through cloud

the ropes of Maui
slow the sun

Winter is the time of slowness..
slow cooker simmers on my bench

inhale the smells of comfort
hospitality and candlelight..
swirl the mulled wine

inhale the slow peace of winter

and sigh..

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  1. Beautiful J - I have loved this winter, I seem to have been more aware of everything - the clouds, the winter trees, wind blowing in grass in the small reserve in front of us and all the wonderful sunrises and sunsets. I love seeing the sun rays streaming down as in your photo.

  2. I feel exactly the same M. It must be because of mindfulness of the season and nature. I am loving Juliet's book. Everything seems to be coming together.
    Keeping this crazy blog..sharing with you and all the other bloggers we have come to know. It is quite wonderful. Life is very good!

  3. I enjoyed the poem - could almost smell dinner simmering in the crock pot, but then I came to the photo and just melted. I LOVED when the rays stream through the clouds like that - so heavenly to me. You captured it beautifully!

  4. Beautiful! "inhale the slow peace of winter" - I will, come winter, I will. It is so good to enjoy the seasons of life and of the calendar/cycles of time and you, Joan, do so with such grace and beauty.

  5. Joan, I love the cairn in your header. I also love the story of your campfire days on the farm. We too will be selling the farm in the not so distant future to move to the city where our children and grandchildren are. It is a hard decision, in fact, we haven't been able to make it yet. But, it is nigh, nonetheless.

  6. Thank you Molly and two feel like old friends!
    Big decisions Donna. I wrote down what I wanted and now I am living there. If you find the place you know in your heart is IT, then moving is easy.

  7. Lovely poem and imagery. Ahh..."the slow peace of winter" beautifully expressed. Thank you!

  8. What a lovely, simple poem. I love the way it lets out a sigh at the end. It's as if you drew in a deep breath and then let it out again. So attuned to the spirit of winter! And that photo, with the rays of the sun coming down, it's pure magic.

  9. Thank you Juliet for youe lovely have understood it beautifully.