Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Doodle and a Leaf Out Of My Book..

I discovered this ginkgo leaf lying loose and pressed in my last year's journal.
When out walking I often carry home some small treasures.
In fact I have to be quite strict with myself
or my house would be filled with little treasures... and not so little!
At the beach I'm hopeless. I cannot resist picking up shells and bits of driftwood.
In my garden I have animal bones, white from age and sun,
that I found on some back road jaunt with Bob.
I have a rock at my backdoor from the metal road up in the hills at the Mount Peel Station.
Feathers, fallen leaves, cicada skins.. it seems a pity not to bring them home.
I think I have retained a gene from some ancient female ancestor who carried her pouch
while walking the plains , eyes scanning at her feet for herbs and gems.

I dedicate this doodle to her...

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