Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oh Miyajima
 Isle of  peace and holiness.
Sentry hawk keeps watch

as we leave the island..

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Some more scenes from Miyajima to share..

Snow blossoms.. 

and everywhere there are beautifully shaped trees.
Even the smallest garden has a pine, a magnolia or a cherry tree..
or all three. 

The lovely entrance to a small eating place.. 

and a beautiful corner in a small cafe. 

Everything so clean and neat and beautiful. 

Sakura blossoms .. perfect.. 

and bells tinkling in the breeze. 

Wandering through Miyajima

is like a dream. 

'Temple bells die out.
The fragrant blossoms remain.
A perfect evening.'

Such courtesy.. two hands receive and give.
The food is delicious. 
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

After a day of walking mountain steps

a bowl of noodles 

and green tea is just right! 
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Miyajima Island.
My posts about visiting Miyajima are in the wrong order.
Ah well..
so lovely was our day at Miyajima..


and peace. 

I carried a walking stick to honour our sister Shirley at home.
How she would love this place.
She would have her paints out to capture the beauty. 

We made our own little shrine
with leaves and stones placed around a little sapling tree..
remembering all our loved ones
dead and alive.. 

and left a stone with other stones left by other pilgrims
on this holy island. 
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We walk on past the Shinto Shrine,
through the village and begin up the mountain.

These steps lead us up to the Buddhist temples, 

through glades of cherry trees in blossom.. 

past pagodas.. 

'Is it a mist,
or clouds?
Fragrant in the air.
Cherry blossoms..'
                                        Keiko Abe

Young and old come to admire the cherry trees
and everyone is smiling.. 

me too. 

Some trees are so old.. but loved. 

Up and up we climb 

there are bells to ring 

and incense burning.. 

it seems to me..
old trees and old people
and little children are all revered. 

One temple leads to the next.. 

so much beauty. 

I can feel this place is somehow changing me.. 

on and on  

up more steps 

we follow tumbling  cascades

to the top-most shrine, just newly built.
I can still smell the cedar wood used to fashion yet another shrine.

Thank you Linda for bringing me to this place..
and thank you Miyajima..
I will carry you in my heart forever.

PS:  Meiko told me later, there had been a huge storm and the raging waters tumbling down the mountain washed gardens and shrines away. The new shrine is part of the re-building programme.

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Vermilion Torii
floating grandly on azure sea.
Behold.. a holy place.

We take the train, then the ferry,
to Miyajima.. A sacred island.
The beautiful torii gate stands guard before the Itsukushima Shinto Shrine,
and appears to float on the sea.

The island is such a beautiful place of peace.
The deer roam freely.
I love the loving care that is shown to trees. 

Another Torii leads us to the shrine.. 

that is built over the breathing in and out of the ocean. 

The tide is ebbing slowly.. 

and I feel I could live forever in this holy place. 

Always water to cleanse hands and mouths. 

I feel so grateful to see this place. 
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