Monday, July 12, 2010

just a doodle on a winter's day..the wheels on the bus!

the day is shining
a dancing skip in my feet
camellia pink
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  1. Joan: chook philosophy? - is that like Kentucky Freud Chicken?

  2. LOL. Exactly right I'm sure!! might be Kentucky Freud Chicken ..a bit anal retentive that's for sure.
    Although not too retentive when visiting my kitchen and leaving littles gifts on the floor!

  3. Dear Joan: How I love your artful "doodles" BEAUTIFUL..i do something similar (abit)...I think I might try a doodle aday to get me kick-started back into doing my own "art thing". Yah, very creative! Talent +++...btw I love your new glasses and I think that there are chains one can get or you could get a clip for glasses (be creative and design one) or get a buzzer thing not invented yet...maybe? I wear glasses too and I cant find mine I think they are upstairs and I am too lazy to get them; so if you find a way to ...hey wear them on the head all the time like I do. Nerdy yes, but it does the job, until crunch time at bedtime! haha! Lol~