Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A New Day

A change in the weather..

I read a post in Object Dart about her kitchen robot that makes their bread.
I could smell the bread..
My mother made beautiful bread.. with her hands..
and Mo made bread with his kitchen robot.
I gave the robot to the boys in the flatting house after Mo's death.
Right now I'm thinking I'll go into town and buy Alison H's book on easy bread making.
It is that kind of day. Cold and cloudy.
I wonder if I could...
make bread , that is..
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  1. Hi..glad you dropped by
    Great blog you have.....loving the daily doodles and the 'FACE'.....Look forward to seeing more

  2. Hi Joan, Love your blog. There's something deeply satisfying about making bread with your hands. I bought one of those machines and I haven't had a decent loaf out of it yet. Kneading with the hands fulfills and inner something.

  3. I don't make bread anymore
    but my mom still does on Thanksgiving..sort of a tradition...I wonder why they didn't ask me to make the bread?
    Your waking up and I'm winding down...It's hot here and by you cold....isn't that funny
    i hope you'll comfort me with pictures of your garden when I'm snowed in and freezing
    Is a robot a bread machine?

  4. Try making bread, Joan. It takes a while to know when you have kneaded enough, but, oh, it is worth the feel of trying it out. I don't bake it often, but, when I do, there is such a sense of accomplishment as it rises and bakes and smells so wonderful. Then, you can doodle about it.

  5. Thanks Suz,Sue,Suz and Penny!! Thanks for the encouragement! Well I've bought the book. Now where do I start!

  6. Love the photo, and do try the bread making; it's so sensuous and satisfying.