Friday, July 23, 2010

The Bicycle Fairy has been again!

When I got home late last night
after our wonderful dinner celebration
I found this bunch of flowers at the door..
Thank you Bicycle Fairy!

From her garden ... divine Daphne.
Oh the perfume!

Surprise, surprise! Tucked into the bunch was kowhai.
I love the yellow flowers of the kowhai tree and the dainty leaves.
Kowhai is the maori word for yellow.
(wh pronounced as f )
Isn't it lovely to have a colour named for a flower.

The yellow and pink look so lovely together.
I will have fun putting these gorgeous flowers into vases
around my house..
perfume and colour to brighten winter days.
Thank you Jeanine!

Ka kite ano!
See you later!
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  1. Such a lovely bunch of brightness. It looks as if spring is peaking through down there. Penny

  2. How wonderful to have a Bicycle Fairy - to come home to find that she has called again and left surprise goodies.

  3. It is lovely Penny to be in touch with you in the northern Hemmispere.. you in summer and us in winter. It makes the world perspective complete somehow. How the world has changed when we can be in touch so instantly. The dance of the seasons feels tangible as never before. As signs of spring turn up here your leaves will begin to change ...and the dance goes on.

    Marilyn.. everyone needs a bicycle fairy. She's delightful