Saturday, July 24, 2010

At The Lake..

A little coot swims towards me
creating a wake

I saw the beauty twice over ..
like a magic underworld of reflection.

there was a sky above and a sky in the lake..
and Pirongia Mountain looking on.

"Heaven enough for me.."

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  1. You words and pictures are pure poetry and, yes, bliss. How wonderful to see "the beauty twice over" through you.

    It looks like the trees around have leafed out quite nicely already. Does spring come quickly there?

    We had seven inches of rain last night. A deluge wreaking havoc on the area. But, everything is very green.

  2. What a beautiful lake, and that sun rise is absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for sharing it. Jane xx

  3. Fabulous photos J - oh how I wished I lived in a certain house in a certain street - I too could walk around this lake ...I never stop visualising it so one day it might happen ;-)