Saturday, July 3, 2010

Awhitu, Manukau Peninsula.

I have been visiting my sister and her family
on the Manukau Peninsula.
This is where I lived as a child.
It is a very special place to me. My heartland.
On one side of the peninsula there are peaceful bays.
On the other side is the wild west coast and the Tasman Ocean.
I love the rolling hills, the winding roads, the windswept
pohutukawa and puriri trees.
Over on the far side of the harbour is the city of Auckland.
I have not lived here since I was 18 but visiting the peninsula
will always be a homecoming to me.

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  1. I love the Awhitu Peninsula too - as you say, driving up on the twisty turny roads and seeing glimpses of the the calm harbour then the wild west coast is magic. I can remember as a child all 6 of us children piled into the back seat of the Vanguard driving up on the corrugated road - Dad taking us to see his cousins.

  2. Those corrugated roads!! Even now when I reach a certain place not far from Waiuku, I feel like cheering as we did as children .. because we had just hit the tar sealed road! The journey was much longer then.