Thursday, July 1, 2010

He piko! He taniwha!

The Waikato has a reputation ( held by those who have never lived here of course)
of being a very foggy place.
In the past I am told it was a very foggy place.
Before the swamps were drained for dairy farming,
the winter brought lingering days of cold, damp fogs.
The mighty Waikato River runs through our city
and fog often hovers over its waters in the early morning.
Three or four times during the winter the fog descends like a blanket
and by mid morning we know it is going to be a "Waikato Day".
The fog stays all day and it is cold and bleak.
I have come to enjoy these days. I call them 'cave days'.
Now I am retired I love to stay at home,
warm the house, make bacon bone soup and just snuggle in.

Yesterday I spent a lovely day with my friend Marie from Auckland.
Early it was foggy and I wondered was it to be a Waikato day.
We walked into town as the fog was lifting.
We visited our museum with its wonderful Tainui exhibits
and ate lunch at the museum cafe.
We checked out the local art at the Art's Post
and walked back home in the sunshine.
The fog was gone, replaced by the bluest sky and fluffy white clouds,
the sun warm on our backs in the nippy air.

Like the song says "everywhere you go.. take the weather with you".
It is something we live intimately with so we may as well like it when we can.
I've been reading in American blogs of storms and tornadoes..
now they sound terrifying.
This morning it is fresh and sunny here.
I know it is going to be my favourite kind of winter's day..
clear sky and warm in the sun.
How's your weather today?

Waikato taniwha rau!
He piko, he taniwha!
He piko, he taniwha!

The figurehead on Te Winika, the canoe at the museum.
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  1. He certainly looks fierce enough to be on a war canoe - I have never been to the museum,I must go one day!

  2. I love hearing about your life there and am curious as to what bacon bone soup is.

    Here in the midwest, near Chicago, Illinois, it is, for a change this summer, climbing to 80+ degrees (F) and sunny. We have had an unseasonably rainy summer and violent weather. Today, however, is grand! The saying around Chicago is that as far as the weather goes, wait fifteen minutes and it will change. Ha!

    I like fog, as long as I'm driving in it. I think it has its own beauty and serenity and find it gives me time to pause and think - and make soup!