Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Winter's night..

I have decided to dedicate this bit of writing to Meliors..who is making an art work of oil spills and the colours in my photo reminds me of her work of art in progress.. (Bibliophilia- in my bloglist)

a full moon through the trees
lights my room

not a light to flood my eyes with colour
but secondhand sunlight

this is the hour of matins..
a holy time
the birds are sleeping
heads beneath their wings

the moon has fixed his stare upon the earth

pulling oily oceans
ebb and flow

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  1. Your words are beautiful although I am sad about the oily oceans. Love your moon photo!

  2. Lovely photo - beautiful poem with a jarring message.

  3. Hello Joan,

    Your blog is beautiful! I found it trying to locate an email to thank you for your kind word on the death of my dear niece. I am so sorry for your loss too. You are in my prayers.


  4. M..this is the photo I said was nothing but an insignificant dot. I enlarged it and was so surprised! How magic our little cameras are!

    Molly..thank you. It was just one word that made this jarring wasn't it!

    Oh EmandaJ ..I so felt for you all. So sad. There are no words, just love.

  5. Oh that is pure magic! thank you Joan.

  6. Wow! What a photo - again! It illustrates your words so well, and I totally agree with the comment you have left above re our little cameras. Mine has become such an important item in my life.................

  7. Thank you Juliet. I was happy to find your newsletter.. it is all wonderful.

    Thank you M-M for popping by and leaving a comment. Todays technology is amazing..cameras,,blogging friends!!

  8. lovely poem Joan, and lovely to see you today at the poetry event! Thanks for the nod to Bibliophilia