Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Developmental Process Continues!

A year or two ago I wore glasses for driving and reading.
I was told I had one short sighted eye and one long sighted eye.
I thought that sounded a bit bizzare! Witch like maybe?
My eyes have changed.
I now can see wonderfully in the distance so I can drive without glasses.
However, I'm as blind as a bat up close.
I now own reading glasses.. a purple pair for working at the computer,
and a red pair for reading books.
I own a brown pair and a black pair too but I've misplaced them somewhere.
I also have a new pair of sunnies with a reading bit at the bottom.

I quite like my new glasses. They did not cost too much.
The problem will be having them with me when I need them!
Any hints?
I'm off to Laughing yoga,
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  1. I love all your glasses - but aren't they a pain - it's a shame that you can't ring them like you can a phone - I do this when I misplace my cell phone. I have a pair of glasses that I wear all the time - they are progressive so can be used for close and distant reading as well as having tinting that darkens in bright light - as well as these I have some dedicated readers for when I want to curl up to have a good read.

  2. Glasses the owner can phone when mislaid. Now that's a great idea M. Maybe say that in front of Jeff.

  3. Yes I am sure he will be able to think up some gadget to fix to our glasses so we can ring them ;-)