Sunday, February 28, 2010

Aubrey and me on a roll?

Relaxing before bed I thought I'd try another pod shaped doodle.
I quite like the little lady that arrived.
I think I might need to get a scanner. I use my camera and the pics
always change the colour of the white paper. Any hints anyone?

Nic and I drove down to Tauranga to visit little Luka and family in their new house.
A lovely day in good company.
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More 50's Hen Party pics.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The 50's Hen Party for Annie-Gee.

Look at Annie-Gee's first ever sponge cake! perfection I say!
Her Hen Party was delightful. Such a domestic goddess!
You are beautiful Annie-Gee.
I am so lucky to have you as a daughter-in-law.

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Beardsley Aspirations!

A late night doodle with thoughts of Aubrey Beardsley in my mind.
Thanks to Hesadevil!

The Peacock skirt shape is similar to my pod shapes of earlier doodles.

So -- it's off to make egg sandwiches and Butterfly cakes for The 50's Hen Party this afternoon!
My lovely niece Nic is here so we will now have fun in the kitchen. Nic is going to make a sponge cake. Wish her luck she says!
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Friday, February 26, 2010

A doodle on Canvas.

I doodled this doodle on an old 5" canvas of mine. Acrylic, collage and pen.
The trees were there and I penned in the leaves and fruit etc.
Probably not finished. It's been a busy day.
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50's hats.

I came home from bookclub last night with Josie's 50's hats and gloves.
Aren't they wonderful. Today Debbie came to lunch and we had fun trying on hats.
The black hat really suited her.
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The Pink Bowl

This was an early morning doodle this morning.
I am repeating patterns. Something I have always done.
I follow a trend sometimes for ages.
I notice how I have to relax to doodle. I free my mind and don't analyse what I am doing.
It is a wonderful way into creativity.
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A Genuine 50's Apron.

Little Sister and I once visited our Grandma in her caravan in Aunty Florrie's backyard.
Grandma showed us an apron she was embroidering for her daughter-in-law who lived in the country.
"Actually she has two little girls just like you" she told us, "but I don't see them very often. They live far away."
Imagine Grandma's surprise when Aunty Florrie and our mother, Grandma's daughter-in-law,
stepped into the caravan.
At Christmas a parcel arrived and there was the apron with a crinoline lady.

I found this apron at the op shop, identical to the one Grandma made for our mother.
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50's Aprons?

I have just arrived home from Bookclub.
This year our Bookclub has reached 25 years!!!
Originally we all lived in Te Pahu, by the beautiful Pirongia Mountain.
Three members still live there and we meet there once a month.
We are planning a special dinner to celebrate.
Over the years we have become a close group of friends. Oh what we have been through together. We have cried and laughed and shared many many books.
Thank you. Thank you. You are so special to me.

Here are two finished aprons for Annie Gee's 50's Hen Party.
High heels, hats and gloves ...such fun.
Cup cakes, club sandwiches... can't wait!
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I've been in my "studio" all day making aprons for Annie Gee's
50's Hen Party on Saturday.
Don't you love the pincushion doll sister Shirley made for me.
It's late and I did my daily doodle just now.
I hope it doesn't give my bad dreams!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday Doodles.

I like this doodle. It has a nice flow and something of music or dance about it.
I found the Holland quote yesterday. The doodle is a hotchpotch.
My aim for this blog was to do something creative everyday and
to inspire me to "do" art. Doodling has been it. I have not worked
in my art room for sooo long! The International Collage Exchange
time is coming.
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Doodle Ladies.

I think it must be thinking about hats and wedding things
that cause these strange women to appear.
Shall I wear a hat or not? That is the question!

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Two doodles today! Practising for my bathroom?
I joined Facebook - and I am overwhelmed! My e-mail full of resonses.Thank you!
So many friends! I will respond I promise!

I gaze at my white bathroom wall and imagine doodles!
Itching to do it!
It was the toilet floor of the studio of Beez In The Belfry that inspired me.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Whakatane doodle.

I have just returned from a little sojourn at Little Sister's place in Whakatane.
She is limping after some inattentive motorist knocked her off her bicycle!
First Friend Janet, then Meliors ( hope you are better?) now Little Sister.

Whakatane is a lovely town with the river running into the sea..
the big rocks behind the CBD and
an active volcano just off the coast!

Thank you for comments and encouragement about doodling my bathroom!
Good advice to do it in small areas.
Any ideas about what pens to use?
At least I can always paint over it!

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I met little Luka yesterday.
Maybe I am prejudiced but isn't he the most perfect baby!!
I am a very proud Great-Aunt.
He is so placid and good. Two weeks old yesterday.
Born 3.2.10
His cousins call him "Blast Off! Much to his Mother's chagrin!
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Mad Idea or a brilliant one?

Now this is exciting - or is it dangerous.
My upstairs bathroom is painted white.
I have had plans to wallpaper it.
I just had this idea, thanks to Beez in the Belfry,
That I could doodle it as in zentangles!
Not that I am an official zentangler! I have just come across zentangles.
I can just see it all black and white and a stunning chandelier!!

Help friends. Should I??
Should I let loose with black pens and doodle my bathroom?
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The Strange Floating Thing in Our Street.
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Is it a fish? Is it a bird?

This a strange doodle but there was a strange visitor in our street on Friday.
There was a man with a zeppelin walking up the street.
The children were on their way to school with mothers and friends
and they all stopped to gaze upwards.
"Is it a fish?" said one.
"Come on" said the mothers. "You're going to be late."

Education is a bit like that.
Don't wonder about fish floating in the sky.
There are important things like getting to school on time.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wedding Waltzes. So Romantic!

This evening in the cool, on my front lawn Annie Gee and Stevie Bee
have been practising their wedding waltz to a version of this old Cole Porter song.
That was lovely you two! This wedding thing is very exciting!

( Song from 1955 movie HIGH SOCIETY, Grace Kelly and Bng Crosby)

The Strange Landscapes of My Mind.

Last night's "before sleep doodle"
in my visual diary and the book I am reading -
Diary Of An Ordinary Woman by MargaretForster.

Two diaries of ordinary women?
Does she exist - an ordinary woman?
All the women I know are extraordinary.

Today Joan And Joan2 went to ChimChooRee for a wonderful lunch. We shared Prawn Toasts, Rice Paper Parcels and Goat's Cheese Ravioli. Each course was exquisite. Mint, crispy fried? basil leaves.... This is living in the NOW food.
It had my full attention every mouthful.
After a great coffee we went to see the movie NINE. I loved Judy Dench (Now there's a woman!).. the dancing.. an intriguing movie.

I will miss you Joan, when you leave to go live at the beach.
Thank you for the memories!! What times we have had!!
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hello little Luka Vincent!
Welcome to our world.
You look so very knowing.
What is it you see?
What is it you remember?
Tell us before you forget!

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Things have been a bit sad around here.

No cat. No computer.
Victoria-Sofia's little cat disappeared.
My computer went on the blink.
Nobody was feeling very happy around here.
For three days Pussy Willow, Aka The Cat was missing.
One very sad five year old girl.
When I returned from my early morning walk this morning,
I was greeted by one very happy Mother saying
"The cat's back!"

Steve got my computer working again.
Life is back to normal .
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