Sunday, July 11, 2010

Perfect Winter Days in Aotearoa NZ..

Such a beautiful day again.
Today Bob and I made corned beef sandwiches for lunch
and read the Sunday Star Times in the sun,
and I taught my little neighbour Victoria Sophia how to do french knitting.
Her father brought over some of his HOT chilli chicken soup for me -
so hot it that made me gasp!
I think it has been a perfect day.

A fleeting pink sky
tomorrow a sunny day
no winter blues here

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  1. A very pretty sky - love it.

  2. Hi Joan, I'm not surprised you thought it was a perfect day. Good company and a beautiful view. What more could any of us want? Jane xx

  3. Oh, how I would adore winter all year round! I was looking for your Magpie Tale but can't locate it so I discovered your blog instead!