Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Peta Unplugged in Marrakech..

In 2008 I went travelling with my friend Joan.
Among other adventures, we spent time exploring Morocco.
I remained an extra week in Marrakech to join Peta Mathias' Culinary Adventures!
Last night was the first in a series of her TV programme,
For me it brought back all the memories of an extraordinary and wonderful time.
Peta's book is coming out soon too.
How lucky am I to have a DVD and a book full of memories
of the most magical time with fabulous redhead Peta and
David Horsman who took care of us all and introduced me to G&T's
all her Moroccan friends, and with
Jane and Jeff Avery, her camera crew
and fellow 'gastronomads' Rhona and Errol, Jeanne..
in a country and culture so different from my own.
Wonderful Morocco. Beautiful people.

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  1. It was so exciting to see you on TV Joan and to see your name in the credits. What a fantastic experience - an awesome country so very different to our own and to do it with the fabulous Peta must have been more than wonderful. Can't wait to see the rest of the episodes and to see the book when it comes out. I will be famous for knowing you ;-)

  2. Ha ha! It certainly brought it all back to me M. I was just lucky to be on that particular adventure when Peta brought along her camera crew. To end up with a DVD and book is amazing!

  3. What an exciting adventure. I'd wondered what was happening when Marilyn mentioned everyone waiting to see you on television. How grand! Is the dvd available to the public?