Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A very Weather sort of Day..

I walked into town this morning early, in my bouncing BMT's.
A grey sort of day with rain coming.
I walked up Alexandra St beside a pretty lass with a solemn face
in clickety clickety high heels.
Isn't it strange how we walk so close but don't
shall we have a race to the top of the street I said.
She looked surprised then laughed're probably not late for work
like me but I think you'd win, said she.
Well, I have all day, I don't go to work anymore I smiled.
Oh how wonderful! Forty years to go! I can't wait, she sighed
as we parted company..
Don't wish your life away I said
as she clickety clacked towards the door..
she turned and waved.. and smiled.
I hope she had a good day.

It never rains on me! And if it does it is always lovely rain.
How fortunate I am.
It seems some people experience a very annoying kind of rain
..a very grumbly kind of rain! Poor things.
Of course sometimes there is just too much of it,
Or not nearly enough.
Personally I rather like the stuff.
The older I become the more I like weather!
Right now I'm off to bed to lie and listen to the rain like a lullaby.

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  1. I wish you didn't live on the other side of the world - because there might be the chance that I could run into you on the street, and you would ask me to race to the top of the hill, and I could personally thank you for putting my life in perspective!

  2. I love it! The clickety clack of the heels and your bouncy BMT's made the sound of raindrops in my mind. Joan, I love the way you have of putting such things as rain, which never falls on you, into perspective. I, too, love the sound of rain on the roof and will think of it as a lullaby next time it puts me to sleep.

    Great doodle and sunny outlook on a rainy forecast.

  3. Don't wish your life away
    ...I get the young ones going when i say..Oh to be 55 again!
    Love your doodle
    and I love a good storm too
    sort of religious in a way

  4. oh..and I see in your profile that you love Leonard Cohen!! me too!!!