Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Letter From "Miss Johnson" my dear teacher...doesn't she sound so lovely!

Hullo Joan, You made my day ! So good to connect with you.The sun is shining, and am just in from taking the dog for a walk, so feel like a quiet time with you.
I see you are a very artistic girl like your sister Shirley, who does beautiful art work. Shirley is also a lovely poet and writer, as well as a wonderful Mother.And a great friend to all who know her.
It is 61 yrs since the school opened at Matakawau, and I remember you as a beautiful child, big blue eyes, blonde hair, and with a decided lisp. In fact, you called your self "Joan Marthon", so that is what I wrote in my register. Towards the end of the first term, Mr. Galbraith came to me and said there was no known family in the district by that name. Fortunately, Richie sorted it all out ! !
There were over 40 chn in the Infants Room, so every child had to be responsible for their own little piece of space, and possessions. Hence the use of tins, pockets etc. Happy memories.

I too have a Ginko tree which I love when it is solid gold in the Autumn. I bought another small one to plant on the lawn but with the savage drought which lasted nearly 6 months, I think it may not have survived. Although the paddocks are green , there is little feed for the stock. Travelling on Wed. through Tuakau and Mercer, I see we are not so badly off as other areas.
I wish i lived nearer. I could almost smell your pinwheel scones cooking.
Lovely to hear from you, Much love,
God Bless, Elizabeth m A X X


  1. Oh J, what a wonderful letter to receive, she must be a special person; she remembers you, Shirley and Richie so well. You must have been a delightful wee girl - and isn't it wonderful that she calls you a girl in this letter. This letter will have to go in your family bible to be with Mo's treasures too - it deserves to be don't you think.

  2. This little post and letter may we shed a little tear of joy; that there are such wonderful people and especially teachers in this world and that someone as lovely as you would share it. A treasure indeed!