Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Doodling on envelopes.
Nothing is safe when a doodler's about!
Another big envelope arrived made of lovely paper.
I just had to do it!
What a beautiful winter's day today.
Sunny and warm. Blue skies and fluffy white clouds.
I see buds on my day lilies.

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  1. Your doodles are awesome J!
    There is something most odd happening with the comments just now - not all are appearing - and some old comments on some earlier posts aren't showing, very odd.

  2. Someone must be firkling or firtling with something they shouldn't eh M. My new word for today.. firkle..

  3. I love it - must work them into conversation! They are a bit like the verification words!

  4. J have a look at this blog's posting about art on the wall - it's awesome. http://intothehermitage.blogspot.com

  5. Just like the doodle of the baby, the juxtaposition of the black ink with the colorful stamps does the trick for me. Awesome.