Monday, July 12, 2010

A Bus Ride Around Town..

The Orbiter buses travel around our city in a wide circuit
and for me .. now a senior citizen, the bus is free,
but I don't use the service very often.
It was another lovely day so off I went adventuring on the Orbiter.

A group of senior walkers hopped on and a lovely lady sat by me and chatted.
We discovered we had both been teachers and had lived on farms ..wife and mother.
She told me about the retirement village they lived in. It sounded like a good place.

Behind me sat a happy group of Kohanga Reo tamariki iti (little children)
with their Kaiako (teacher) chatting away in in the Maori language.
They were singing "The Wheels on the bus.." in maori.
"Haere ra" they said as I got off the bus. "Kia ora".

I did my shopping at Chartwell Square
where the mall was a buzz of children enjoying school holidays.
Back on the bus I was the only passenger until over the river
two happy women hopped on.
One was visiting from Dunedin, they told me,
and they were having a lovely time circling the city on the orbiter.

The bus delivered me to the stop near my home and I enjoyed the walk in the sun.
I snapped a photo of the camellias in the YMCA car park as I walked along.
Another lovely winter's day.

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  1. What a lovely way to get out and about and also to meet such friendly people. I love days like this.