Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Saturday Drive in the Waikato..

Robert picked me up this morning
and off we went with a picnic lunch,
through Te Awamutu, Kihikihi and over the Waikato River at Arapuni
to Jones Landing
A perfect place.

The day was perfect.
Warm winter sun and the most beautiful sky.
Swans and shags about their own business and nobody else. Just us.

Robert would scoff if I told him, but he is a most zen person,
from years of being a solitary farmer.
He reads the sky and the clouds, and the water of river or lake.
He knows the birds and the grasses and trees.
He is a man of silence and wisdom and humour.
In company he is sometimes blunt and awkward
but on our travels together he makes me laugh and he has taught me so much...

about simplicity and order and aloneness... of leaving space and listening.
I am a novice in these things..

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  1. Oh what an awesome day it has been and what an awesome day you have had Joan. I love everyone of your photos, they are fantastic.

  2. What a lovely ride, Joan, and I enjoyed your earlier cloud pictures as well. Your picture of the bird's nest, perched so safely in the tree is so well done. Don't you love bird's nests? How they weave such intricate nests that keep the eggs and then nestlings safe always has me filled with awe.

  3. Hi Joan, What beautiful photos you have taken. I can't tell you how much I enjoy "travelling around" the other side of the world. It almost feels like I am there. Jane. xx

  4. just beautiful ... peaceful, lucky and makes me feel thankful (we live in a beautiful part of the world) >>> Gina