Saturday, January 25, 2014

                                             Dear Blogger Friends..

That is .. if I still have some Blogger Friends.  I have been absent for so long, I doubt you will be still here.  I have been in a foreign land called Facebook.  How ridiculous is that!

2013 was a year with a difference.  The year I walked The Camino.
I promised to share with you how it was to walk 500 miles of pilgrimage.
Will you be surprised I wrote hardly anything while walking.
I believe it has taken me ever since to absorb and think about what the walk has meant to me.

I have decided to share with you my strange little journal
written immediately after the walk.

I was staying in St Albans, a beautiful pilgrim place in England, and every day I would pop into the
Medieval Abbey with my little journal, to think and write.
I wrote only on the right hand page.  I added photos later when I returned home.

You may have a problem making sense of it.
Whatever...  here it is.   The first part of a Journal of a Pilgrimage..