Saturday, July 3, 2010

Arohanui America From Aotearoa/New Zealand

Happy July Fourth to American friends.

One of the lovely things about blogging has been meeting
fellow bloggers from America and as I go off to sleep tonight in
our little island nation of New Zealand
I am thinking of you!

In 2008 I flew from the UK to San Francisco. It was unforgettable.
It was the clearest day and I could see for miles.
I sat glued to the window while we travelled over England and Scotland,
Iceland and Greenland, and over the amazing expanse of Canada.
America looked like the most wonderful patchwork quilt.
Montana, Idaho, Wyoming ... Oregon, Nevada ... on and on
such a vast landscape... California...oh and of course..The Rockies!

The ten hour flight was like an hour.. timeless.
I arrived in San Francisco elated, not a sign of jet lag.
It was my first and so far only, experience of America.
I loved my week there. The people so friendly.
A big country.. and people with big hearts!

Stars and Stripes...
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  1. As one of your American friends, thank you for your tribute here AND this wonderful doodle, Joan. You are so gracious and so talented. I will put a link from a post of mine to this. Thank you!

  2. I followed Life on the Cutoff's blog post today and I must concur -- the doodle is fabulous and greatly appreciated!

  3. Hi Joan - I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your latest posts. Your doodles are amazing! Love them! Thanks for dropping by my blog and your kind comments.