Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Mountains in my Life..

I lived thirty years at the foot of beautiful Mt Pirongia.
Now from my new house, in the winter while the trees are bare,
I am glad to see Te Aroha in the distance.
The sun rises from behind these hills.
Pirongia, Te Aroha, Taupiri, Kakapuku, Karioi, Maungatautari, The Kaimai hills..
guardians of the Waikato basin.
While pondering these thoughts this afternoon
the clouds came down and hid Te Aroha from my view.

Do not take me for granted
the Mountain of Love seemed to say.
I was once a fiery volcano, my history is long and old.
Come drink my crystal clear waters
and heal your weary soul..
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  1. I too love our mountains. The one of my childhood was Maungatautari - we used to look across at it from Roto-o-rangi. There is something so awesome about all of our mountains.

  2. Oh I forgot Maungatautari..I'll put it in. That is one special mountain with the birds!

  3. Your mountains are so beautiful. I sat her saying the names aloud to better acquaint myself with them. You and Marilyn are my best history and geography lessons of New Zealand, its people and its soul. Isn't it wonderful to learn new things all through life. Thank you. Penny

  4. oh you made my Sunday beautiful
    I live in Illinois..mostly flatland..plains
    but there is something about open wide land that is sacred too
    I live in an urban area but it doesn't take long to get to the cornfields and of course big sky...I'll bet your skies are well,,heavenly
    I love how you thoughtful and introspective...I connect with that

  5. ohhhh! I just read your a doodle and a leaf out of my book post and oh my gosh....we are kin....i have animal bones in my garden too and I can't stop picking things! my heart is so happy to meet someone who understands this ..excuse me for now..I have to go and read more of your blog postings

  6. Thank you for lovely comments.
    Penny.. I love you saying the names out loud. Maori is such an easy language to say..very phonetic.
    NZ is so small but we have a taste of everything. Our north island mountains are babies compared to those in the south island.

    Suz.. I would love your plains I just know I would! Those huge wide skies. Wonderful. Bones in the garden LOL

  7. What beautiful post! Yes, I too am a mountain lover: Taranaki is my beloved.