Monday, July 26, 2010

My daily doodle: Maori Language Week..

Kia ora. Kei te pehea koutou?
Hello. How are you all?

As children we drew on rangiora leaves.
In fact we probably had easier access to rangiora leaves than
to drawing paper in our home.
Glossy green on one side and white on the other
and strong enough to write on.
I succumbed and brought this leaf back from my walk.
I know. Leave only footprints. Take only photos.

He maha nga tamariki a Tane
Konga nga rakau katoa
nga tamariki a tane

Tane, God of the Forest..
Tane has many children.
All trees are Tane's children .
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  1. That's beautiful, & I'm sure you are forgiven! It's doing things mindfully that counts. I too have written on rangiora leaves and once did a whole treasure hunt for my granddaughter with the clues written on the leaves. I rolled them up and tied them with flax, then hung them from the trees. She loved it.

  2. Oh that sounds wonderful.. a treasure hunt clues on rangiora leaves. What a lovely grandmother!

  3. I think rangiora is a common enough species that you won't do too much harm by picking the occasional leaf. We don't see them much in Christchurch though. A pity, I like the idea of drawing on rangiora leaves.

  4. Your leaf art is so beautiful J.

  5. Rangiora leaf and a doodle. This is so beautiful.