Wednesday, August 24, 2011

There's a pale moon rising
and I have itchy feet

friend Josie and I are
heading off around the world

two more sleeps and we'll be gone!

I've finished reading
Colleen McCullough's
The First Man In Rome
and my head is full of Romans and Barbarians
and bloody battles..

so it is..
on the road to Rome for us!

Catch you in Rome old moon!

I wonder whether I'll get to a computer on my travels.
If not...
catch you on my return blogging friends!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a journey 'round my sister..

when I see
the pine trees
Matakawau Road

past the little village
just beyond
the kauri bush

when I see the placid harbour
the sky
the rolling hills

the child in me is
coming home


the camber of the road
and every twist and every turn
are sheltered deep within my heart it seems

this is the very corner
where we lived
hehind those trees
much smaller then

and every inch of paddock
punga fern

wraps around me like
a comforting
old coat

but the house
the garden
and the orchard
like us
the family
have gone

but wait..

I travel to the very end
of Matakawau Road
and there
in a cottage by the sea
and her man

so the journey to my heartland
is not in vain

there is love here
that enfolds me
like a handmade woollen rug

there is a blessing here
of quietness
and the salty smell of sea

and every corner
of the cottage

a shrine
to life and love


little shrines

simple faith

a sustaining
place of

of love
and family

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

it always is the little things...

it always is the little things

it always is the little things
that matter

like the little snowflakes soft as down
that fluttered and danced
in lands
where snowflakes
never fall

until today

and these delicate little dancers bewitched us
and made
the six o'clock news

it always is the
little things
that matter

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Tell me...

tea leaves in my tea cup
at my sisters..

Any readers of tea leaves out there?

An overseas trip?
Ha ha.. I see a shoe and is that the Eiffel Tower?
Methinks an adventure is looming!!

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Road trip North..

An early morning road trip
on a cold and foggy morning..

the Waikato River
in winter glory

naked willows
swift flowing swollen waters..

a cold sleety rain
in a stinging wind
and the wild west coast breakers roar
along the peninsula

rainbows to tell that
all is well

indeed all is well
trips end is a cosy fire
homemade muffins
 hot tea
sisterly love

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


take the dead winter reeds from the lake.. weave a cross of Brigid...

for this is
the last month of winter
Brigid Day

light the candles
to celebrate the returning of light

the season of milk
newborn calves and lambs
and wobbly legged foals

this strange warm season we've had
scarcely cold
spring flowers appearing early
daffodil gold of the sun
snowdrops white of the milk

I take milk white paper

and cut out dancing maidens

to dance beneath the winter moon

milk white maidens

to welcome the lengthening of days
and the returning of the sun

may our hearts be light
and rejoice!
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