Monday, July 26, 2010

Reflections on My Walk in the City..

I like reflective glass towers in the city.
(Our towers are mini towers!)
I especially like it when the reflection
distorts the architecture of other buildings..
(a page out of a my visual diary)

I took this photo while out walking yesterday.
The tree seemed to be leaning
to admire itself..
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  1. For the past two decades I have lived life looking straight ahead - focused on the task at hand - being very efficient. I am sad to say that I never noticed how the world can be beautifully displayed through reflections.

    This summer, in my quest to learn a bit about photography, I have discovered that I LOVE these kinds of photos. I think by presenting the world in a different way, they cause me to pause and reflect on my own life.

    Your photo is beautiful - and the idea that the tree is actually straining to view his reflection is a lovely thought!

  2. Later this week, we will be taking an architectural cruise down the Chicago River. I know we will pass several buildings such as the one you picture here and I know when we do and as we see the reflections of the city on them that I will be thinking of you and looking to see what is straining to see its own reflection, such as your tree here.

    I'm +60 as well and rejoice that I, too, can be reflective.

  3. Loving this idea of yours that the tree is looking at its own reflection. Love your doodles too, especially the one in your bathroom that has spread to the door............. :O)