Sunday, July 25, 2010

We Found the Tunnel !

We set off to find
the tunnel at Waikawau Beach.
I had been down the coast road several times
but never to find the tunnel.

It was worth the trip Marilyn.
A unique and beautiful place.
The tunnel was built by drovers
to enable them to take the cattle through to the beach.

Wonderful West Coast>>
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  1. Oh how wonderful J - so pleased you found it - isn't it the most magical place. It seems so special, it's as though nobody else knows about it. Did you like the rock face - as in the face in the rock?

  2. J - Jeff would like to know route you took, we did it as part of our 'back road home' trip from Mokau to Pukekawa then over the Tuakau bridge, via Kawhia, Aotea & Raglan harbours.

  3. The photo of the tunnel itself is absolutely STUNNING!!!

  4. Two adventures in one; first finding the tunnel, then exploring it. I cannot imagine what went into building it, nor can I imagine herding cattle through it. Human ingenuity. Thanks for the pictures, Joan, and taking us along on your adventure.