Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bad Hair Day?

Bad Hair Days seem to be featuring on blogs today!
Maybe we could have a National Bad Hair Day
and really let our hair down!
Would that I had a head of thick crazy hair ...but I don't.
I have inherited the thin fair hair of my Mother's clan.
It was the bane of my mother's life.
I often think though how she would love the many products
there are available today to help us thin haired women.
Shampoos and conditioners that promise to add volume and bounce to thin hair.
Shaping balm and hair mousse and all manner of potions and goo.
But a bad hair day is a bad hair day and they just happen no
matter how many potions are about.

Sue My Hair Saviour tried a perm in my hair at my request not so long ago.
It was a bit alarming when the front roller was removed and the hair fell off too.
My fringe was extra sparse for a few weeks.
So... I'm telling you friends. You are in good company.
I know all about Bad Hair Days.

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  1. I love it, Joan. You captured us all with our bad hair days in this most amazing of doodles. Isn't it funny that women around this globe we all call home can all relate to bad hair days?

  2. This is exactly how I feel J - my hair has gone feral!

  3. Hi M and P! I loved your bad hair posts. I actually came to the computer this morning thinking I'd eliminate this doodle is so awful. but you have responded and I can't possibly remove your comments.
    How I look forward to comments! When I began blogging I hadn't anticipated how the response of other bloggers as part of it. It is a new kind of communicating, something akin to pen friends but a little more public. What wonderful bloggers I've met!