Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Almost Spring..

I've eaten my breakfast of comforting porridge..
rolled oats, cranberries, yoghurt and milk.
The winter sun is warm on my back.

I am reading Juliet's wondrous book
"Dancing With The Seasons"
and wondering..will I make spring the beginning of truly living the seasons...
with rituals that breathe the season
rather than follow the calendar from northern lands...

As I dangle my bookmark it is creating
shadows and fractured light on the page
a little ritual all of it's own
celebrating light...

Yes! It says. Do it!

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  1. don't say spring is coming!
    that means fall is not far behind here!
    no!..fall is fine but too's that winter guy

  2. I hope you have a lovely winter like we have had so far Suz. I've loved winter this year. August is our coldest month though!

  3. Dear Joan, what a magical photo and beautiful, poetic words! I feel very honoured to have my book mentioned and love your thought about starting to live the seasons this spring. You are entering the dance; I can feel it.

  4. Thank you Juliet. I love the idea of entering the dance. Your book puts a new perspective on life.. one I have been waiting for. I would love to have some fellow dancers to follow..but in the meantime I am happy to read and ponder..

  5. A picture that takes my breath away - as do your words here.