Saturday, March 2, 2013


Our February
came and went,
and every single day was sunny and hot.
I rose in the dark most mornings,

and watched the sun rise as I walked.

Cirrus clouds usually mean rain in three days,
but not this February.

The heat of the sun slowly changed the green of our land

to brown

and gold.

My new neighbours are from England
and they cannot believe every day since their arrival has been sunny and calm.

Farmers are worried, and feed supplements to their animals,
 and gardeners are busy watering their gardens.  
They call this weather a drought,
and watch the sky for rain.
Despite all this it has been the best season for roses, cucumbers
fat juicy tomatoes.

Everyone else calls it a perfect summer
and heads for the beaches....

and me.. I keep on walking counting down the days
to my really big walk.
I check the world's weather and  cannot believe
there is snow falling
in Spain.
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