Friday, July 30, 2010

Poetry In the City..

Today at lunchtime I walked over the river to go to the Poetry Day reading outside the library. I sat by Meliors while the various prominent members of our community read poetry to us. The sun shone and it was all lovely and all the while Meliors stitched her work of art. You can read about her art on her website
The photos I took today : our Waikato River that flows through our city.. and Meliors..

When I crossed over the river
I heard the river say
I am the water of life you know
don't waste me all away..
Look at the clouds above me
they travel from the sea..
they carry the precious water
to the mountain..for me
I sat by the stitching woman
and her fingers stitched the sea
the thread she used was oily black
and her message was plain to me..
protect our precious oceans
our rivers and the sky
or the earth will turn to dust
as the rivers run dry

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  1. Hi Joan, What a lovely post and such a beautiful river to enjoy. Jane xx

  2. Lovely photo of the river. That's the same shimmering winter light that I've been noticing. And the poem is beautiful.

  3. Thank you Juliet. Isn't the light and the season so beautiful. I have two friends who went overseas for the winter. They will be feeling sorry for me in the cold! I am sorry they are missing this beautiful season!
    Our river is beautiful. Because it has deeper sides you can leave the main street and walk the river paths and you would never know there was a city there at all!

  4. What a beautiful scene you have painted with your words J, and your photos. You live in a beautiful city - more and more I am being made aware of it's beauty.
    And I too have been loving this winter - isn't today glorious!

  5. Oh such wonderful verse
    and a good commentary on water
    preserve it
    How was the poetry?

  6. Thank you for sharing our river with us all Joan, our mystical river full of taniwha and deep green water ...

    I have been a follower of Meliors for afew years now. I love her poetry and stitching, I brought her `Optimistic Heart`, loved it so much I gave it to a friend then had to get another for myself!