Thursday, July 8, 2010

Five Years Old and My Very Own Tin

Memories are wonderful things!
When I held this tin in the deli at Vetro,
I was transported back to when I was five.
My mother was preparing for my first day at our new school.
I cannot remember what I wore but I remember clearly
her consulting a list of things I needed as a new entrant.

First she made me a cushion for sitting on the classroom floor at mat time.
Next she made a little hand sized cushion to be used for dusting off the chalk
on the child sized blackboards that ran along the back wall of the classroom.
Lastly she found a tin that was to hold my plasticine.

I think it was a baking powder tin. I can still smell the plasticine.
We each had a little metal tray and each morning we made things with our plasticine.
Did we make letters? I can't recall,
but when I held this Pelion tin in the deli I remembered my tin.

I bought the Pelion tin and the olives were delicious
but I couldn't wait to empty it and keep it.
Perfect for my gas lighter.
It gives me such a warm and wonderful feeling.
Miss Johnson was our teacher and I must have been happy,
to have such warm happy memories!
Thank you Miss Johnson!

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