Monday, July 19, 2010

My Daily Doodle..

just a simple doodle in the evening..
I call it a simple doodle because it started with a square in the centre
and just grew.
It makes me think of Juliet's fireplace cosy in her bach..
a gathering in sort of doodle
that takes me into the heart..

safe within my home
thank you
goddess of the hearth
you warm and shelter me
and nurture the winter seed of growth within me

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  1. Another perfect poem/doodle combination!

  2. oh my that doodle is fabulous...I have been known to pick up a pencil and draw a I appreciate the skills you have!
    and one more thing..that abandoned house with the morning glories all over it...tell me you got a photo of it! This image will not leave me....I love it

  3. wonderful words & i do love your doodles x

  4. Wow J, this is beautiful - it really draws me in.