Friday, July 9, 2010

Quiet Spirit Winged Creature..

i've watched you
quiet on my ceiling
for three nights
small night watchman

this morning
there you lie
on my dresser
your life so brief
and you so perfect

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  1. Good Grief - are those 'doodles' yours?
    I wish I could draw just half as well as you dooodle!

  2. Oh thank you Sharie! You are very kind.

  3. hello Joan, thankyou so much for leaving a comment on my blog- lovely to "meet" you!

    I feel quite sad for the little moth, but at least his story has been told.

    I had to laugh at your Bad Hair Day post- I have that head of thick unruly mad curly hair- believe me, you would NOT want to swap it for your easy-to-tame tresses. . .I'm sure your hair does as it told rather than dictating it's own terms.
    As we speak it's trying to escape from a hairband and 2 hair clips and I do NOT want it all over my face today! (I know who'll win, why do I even resist)

    Glad the chicken pics amused you- Henny actually has her own blog, the link is from my tedandbunny page.

    Hope to meet again

  4. Joan, the place where your grt grandparents loved is just up the road from me ;-)

    BTW I have masses of fine hair and its not easy to live with - sometimes it looks like a bush on my head!

  5. For some reason, Joan, my comments aren't going through. Today I will try again. You have been busy, busy since I went away. It is nice to get back to blog land and see all your work - the envelopes I died for.

  6. OMG - it worked! Now I can tell you the bad hair day from you and ted & bunny are nothing. Nothing that is compared to what my curls do in humidity. Think ... BOING... it wouldn't take but 3 days for me to have dread locks if I didn't comb it. These past two weeks I skipped the humidity and traveled to the coast in Maine, it was beautiful.

  7. Hello Joan, This is lovely, I can feel sad when I find a dead creature for the whole day but at least this little moth was appreciated. I loved your starting school post. Funny how little things can trigger memories. How nice you have such happy memories. I'm sure it would mean a lot to your teacher to know she is so kindly remembered. Jane xx

  8. I woke up at 5.45am and read until 6.30 and because it was still dark dropped off to sleep again. I leapt out of bed at eight ..clear sky ..sun shining switch on the computer thinking it will be a lovely day.. and it is..look at all these lovely lovely comments posted bt these lovely people whose blogs I love! thank all!

    Thank you for persevering Caolina ellis ! And all the funny bad hair stories! It is a universal phenomenon!! love you all..