Monday, July 19, 2010

The Face..The Icon of the Soul

When I sit at my table alone I always greet Bernie.
Well Bernie, I say. What do you think of that?
Without words she always says ..let's have another cup of tea!
Bernie is the art work of Bernie Kirkham a local journalist/artist.

While sitting with a cup of coffee this morning
reading the NZ House and Garden magazine, just arrived,
and gazing at Bernie, it struck me how many faces I have around my home.
I decided I will post pics of these faces to share.
I'd love to hear what you think of "my faces".

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  1. Well, she's the one who stays calm and centred even when the wind is blowing! and she's always ready to serve - whether tea, kind words or just by offering her presence. I can understand why you talk to her.

  2. I like her bright open face and the fact that she holds two cups of tea showing that she is ready and welcoming to share with another.

  3. Well, now, what a friend. Always there when you need with a few cups of tea, one for you and one for her, and I would say Bernie knows just how to dress for the occasion and I'll just reckon she helps you find those reading glasses once in awhile.

  4. Thank you juliet, Marilyn and Penny for responding.
    I think calm is the word for me. When I came to live here three years ago ..all my past roles of wife, teacher, and even mother (now an empty nester) had gone. I had always defined myself by my roles and now looking to find myself as just me. This woman's face is calm and strong. You women are wonderful!!

  5. Oh Bernie is beautiful and looks like she's a good listener!

  6. What a lovely face to sit and have tea with.