Monday, July 26, 2010

Limestone Rock At Waikawau Beach.

Marilyn.. We never saw the face on the rock!
Where was it?
I was very taken by the rock formations..
We travelled down to Marakopa and on to Awakino.
We came home up the main highway,
stopping at the Thirsty Weta in Otorohanga for a coffee.
We had a brunch there on the way down.
Bob and I shared the best toasted sandwich Bob has ever had
and he is pretty choosy!
I told Bob we didn't see the face in the rock.
Bob said to ask you... have you got the information sign
from outside the tunnel?
There was a post but no sign.

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  1. Just put the rock face on my blog - I got the information about the tunnel from this site plus it was in a book about Newton King - he owned Nukuhakere Station.
    I must remember that about the Thirsty Weta and sample their wares ourselves.