Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The First Day of Spring...

I picked a little tussie-mussie for two sweet girls
and off I went visiting
then for a walk around the lake..

It was romance in the air down at the lake.
The birds are getting bossy and territorial
as they sort out their lake homes

A perfect day for the first official day of spring in Aotearoa/ new Zealand.

Fluffy clouds telling us just might rain... then again it just might not.
The air is crisp and the sun is warm...

Hurrah for Spring !!!

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  1. Those magnolias are beautiful! Thank you so much for the flowers. It's a good day to be a chook!

  2. Such hope and renewal on this your first day of spring. Your picture collages are great and I am sure the tussie-mussie was as well received by the two little girls as the pleasant weather was for the ducklings.

  3. Lovely photos to welcome spring, hasn't it been a beautiful day.

  4. I love the tussie-mussie and your collages Joan. Happy spring to you too! Today has been a good start.

  5. Our days are getting shorter while yours are getting longer. Thanks to blogging I get to enjoy both. Love the little ducklings. Great photos!