Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Beautiful South Island..The Mackenzie Country..

This Forest & Bird advertisement was in the Sunday Star/Times magazine today.

The South Island is making headlines with the earthquake disaster in Canterbury.
May the stormy weather pass them by.
Then the plane crash near the Fox Glacier
with the sad death of the pilot, four instructors and four tourists
about to sky dive on a perfect day.
I thought I would like to put this photo here .. keeping in our minds our southern Kiwis
during this difficult time.

What a mystery our world is.
Mother Earth seems such a benign mother of such beauty.
Inexplicable and awesome is the sometimes violence of a self organising universe.
We can only stand in awe.

The South Island is most beautiful.. I love the rolling hills of Otago, the plains of Canterbury, the wild west coast..the awesome alps..the fiords, the huge braided rivers and the mountain ranges.

The Mackenzie Country in the photo is a very special place. The mountains, the huge sky and the wide open space of tussock land.
In the name of progress there are some who want to turn the Mackenzie Country into a place of modern intensive farming.
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  1. Last time we drove through the Mackenzie Country, there were two huge green circles made by irrigators - they struck me like a slap in the face, so inappropriate for that part of the island.
    That's a beautiful photo in the ad, and I love Brian Turner's poem, too.

  2. I freeze when I hear that someone wants to use intensive farming on such beautiful places. Progress is not always progress.

  3. We read Sam Mahon's book THE WATER THIEVES at bookclub. I can't believe the irrigation that goes on everywhere in the south..but in the Mackenzie Country!

  4. I agree Thyra. The dollar rules.

  5. This certainly is a very beautiful special area.

  6. This is a beautiful post, Joan, and I love the poem and poster. I hope that your MacKenzie Country is left pristine and that there is a movement underfoot to protect it. In the end, far too often, money rules out, but, in the end, we all lose.

  7. Joan, I agree with the above comment. So well said! I'm going to Google MacKenzie Country and see what's going on, but I can imagine, unfortunately.

    So sad about that plane crash. My heart thumped when the tv announcer reported what had happened, showed an overview photo.

    An Australian blogger used 'chook' in a post...I got it...yay, thanks, Joan!

  8. Joan, I really like the Turner poem and the photo. I was wondering where you are in the scheme of things, with the earthquake. I look forward to getting to know you through your blog. Teresa

  9. I am so delighted to be learning more about NZ -- may the beauty remain.

  10. Thanks for great comments everyone. We will do our best ti fight the progressives! I live in the north island Teresa Evangeline, and this is in the south island. We are such a small country with a small population of 4 million. To keep up economic development the beautiful landscape is often tempting.. talk of scary mining in our national parks for short term gain ..and this dairying in the Mackenzie country.. all of it is so inappropriate. Thank goodness for organisations like THe Forest&Bird that fight the good fight.

  11. I thought of all my blogger friends in NZ when I heard about the earthquake. Glad it was far away from most of you and that no one was killed.
    Keep up the good fight to save the beautiful Mackenzie Country.