Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Princess I know...

During the school holidays my sweet little neighbour
spends an official whole day with me.
Today was our Official Day Together.

First we walked into town and bought a Szu Szu Hamster for Victoria-Sofia.
(Don't tell everyone but I already have one. When people tell me I should have a cat..or a dog
I smile and say I have a hamster. Victoria-Sofia looks after my hamster when I go away
and sometimes he has sleepovers at her house!)
We happened upon a Funky Monkey show
and had a Macca's morning tea.
Victoria-Sofia had a ride on the coin operated milk-white horse outside ToyWorld,
and she was wearing pink tights, just like the Natalie Merchant song that we love...
'the girl in pink on a milk white horse...'
We have great games of pretend on the way,
like when the pedestrian crossing buzzers turn us into invisible fairies.
Oh the fun we have.

When we got home we went to the workroom and made a bag
for victoria-Sofia to carry Winkie the Szu Szu Hamster.
Victoria-Sofia made the picture on the front of the bag.
I did notice the princess in the picture does not have feet or hands.
Silly me.. her hands are behind her back and her dress is very long.

In the afternoon we had a Princess workshop
reading her favourite book just now, the Princess Handbook, and other stories.
We had a nibbly Princess lunch.
We practised sitting up straight and using our manners.
Victoria-Sofia assures me you can be an 'old princess' so that's lucky for me!

What a lovely day we had!
Thank you Victoria-Sofia.
I look forward to our next Official Day Together.

I must go off to bed now. After arriving back home yeaterday evening from my trip to Wellington, this 'old princess' is a little bit weary.
I'll catch up on blogs I've been missing.. tomorrow.
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  1. What a lovely princess-y day you both had! How fun! Lucky Victoria-Sofia to have such a wonderful friend.

  2. How wonderful. What a fine friendship and what a sweet and lovely face she has. I love your telling of this special day together.

  3. What a magical day you both had - how special it must be to spend a day like this.

  4. Such a lovely princess in the magic kingdom of Joan. It was fun for me to have you share it here.

  5. Lovely post. Thanks.

    All the best, Boonie

  6. Thank you for visiting everyone. I am lucky to have a dear little neighour aren't I!