Monday, September 13, 2010

Morning Fairy Lights..

When I hopped out of my bed upstairs this spring morning
and opened the door
the oak tree in front of my house
was decked out in tiny fairy lights..
We've had lots of spring rain,
that lovely gentle but continuous rain,
and on every branch were tiny drops of water shining in the sun.

It is sunny now but Kingfisher is constantly telling me more rain is coming.
The forecast these days is fine between showers.
In the night I worried the rain might swamp my little zinneas, but they are looking perky.
I think the plants love this spring rain. Everything is looking fresh and perky and growth abounds.

Juliet in her lovely book Dancing With The Seasons, says this is the season for the retelling of the old myths that tell of the traveller's return from darkness.
The story of Persephone, and Pare and Hutu from Maori lore. The hero returns.
( Remember how we can think of the story of Peter Rabbit).
This is the time we should be thinking about the resurrection of Christ. Overcoming death.

This should be the time of preparation for easter, our time of Lenten fasting.
After the rich , heavy foods of winter it is time to eat fresh spring greens, salads and stir fries.
This is the season of detox I guess. Isn't this what we say at this time of year.. 'I am so looking forward to crisp green salads and light food.' It is making sense to me.

Living by the seasons I can tell, is changing me in so many ways. It all fits so perfectly.
I need an empty calendar to keep a record of all these things! Maybe Juliet will produce a calendar for us one day!

I will be so interested to follow northern hemisphere friends as you head into Autumn and how you celebrate the season.

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  1. Hi Joan, I loved your Sunday post and I'm glad you had such a great day. I can get really confused reading blogs though as it is still Sunday evening here and we are settling down after a busy day in the garden. It's lovely to read about your Spring and I'm looking forward to sharing it, even though I do love heading into Autumn. It relly makes me think of the marvels of the internet when our enormous world seems so small. Jane xx

  2. Magically-beautiful gift at nature's door(what a blessing and gift from God:0) for you!

  3. is funny to be ahead of you in chronos time. You are so right ..the internet links us so instantly we become so aware of time and seasonal differences. I like to think of it as the dance of the universe..

    Cosmic - you are is a gift , a blessing.. how wonderful life is when you take note!

  4. What a magical treat for you to awaken to with your fairy lights. All the renewal and emergence of spring for you is exciting. We has such a glorious day here, though our gardens are dying back. Enjoy, Joan.

  5. Lovely post j, your photos are beautiful. I too have been enjoying all the 'jewels' sparkling in the garden after the spring rains. I think new plants will be enjoying the fresh rain and will putting our news roots in enjoyment.

  6. OMG I love my cyber friends ( down Under) as it helps to know that spring is somewhere!!!! I hate knowing winter is coming here. Oh and My hubby and I laughed so much at your comment on my bog about chatter and your sons thoughts. My hubby says your son is VERY wise!!

  7. LOL Penny. He is very wise beyond his years I think. I'll send on to you the winter we have just had. I loved it. It was mild and lovely. I love my cyber friends too!

  8. An interesting thought when you say that this should be the time of Lent -- the Christian religious calendar does suit the seasons of the Northern Hemisphere. Christmas with the return of Light at the solstice and Easter with the resurrection of Spring. Makes one wonder how the calendar might have developed if Christianity had got its start in the Southern half of the world.

  9. Exactly Vicki. The calendar does not suit us at all. People all through the ages have had festivals connected to the seasons. Many were christianised but still suiting the season. Except for us. We are the first people who have festivals divorced from the season. Mind you most people just accept it. It really bugs me! Your question is interesting. If Christianity had started down here...

  10. How often I've seen rain drops gathered on a branch and never thought to compare them to fairy lights. Thank you, Joan, for so they are, and how beautiful they are! As are the photos! You've got a good eye for sure!

    Yes, it's a very interesting question, if Christianity had begun Down Under. I'm going to give this some serious thought during one of my walks.

  11. I so enjoy seeing your engagement with the seasons and the sense of wonder you convey. I see little strings of pearls in your photos. I like the idea of catching the fine spots between the showers. Thank you for the magic.