Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Best Apartments in Town..

It is spring down by the lake
and the sparrows are building their nests in the Norfolk pine.
One nest at the end of each branch,
and at the very tips of the branches the sparrows perch
for the best view of all.
These apartments are rent free.
Plenty of fresh air.
The children's playground nearby provides a good supermarket for food tidbits.
The tree with it's inhabitants always makes me think of the Palms in Dubai,
and I'm sure no owner of a mansion at The Dubai Palms could look happier
than the fat cock sparrows perching at the end of their branch.
Today with the sun shining through cloud the tree looks very magical.
If you click to look there are stars at the very tip top of the tree.

I have been very good today. My aim is to have my bed quilt finished by the end of the week. The reason for my tardiness has been getting to know my new machine. I think we have reached an understanding. I have almost finished the quilting without breaking one needle!
I will be so pleased to have it completed. I have many projects awaiting.
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  1. I think this is where I shall live next J, it's in such a beautiful place so the views would be wonderful ..besides I always wanted to fly.

  2. I do see the star
    and it is magical, your photo
    but you are getting spring
    and we are ushering out summer
    tragedy and comedy

  3. Not a bad life I reckon M! Poor must be a summertime gal! I hope you have a lovely winter like we've just had.

  4. Your right Joan, It would be a wonderful place to live. I bet the sparrows are as happy as can be. Jane xx

  5. What a gorgeous photo! It would make a perfect Christmas card.

  6. I was just thinking, like Vicki Lane, that this would make a great Christmas card. What a lovely condo for the sparrows to nest in. Good luck with your projects, Joan.