Sunday, September 12, 2010

Simply Sunday...

I shared lunch with my friends Kath and Preben at their house.
Kath and I had each bought a loaf of bread.
There is something simple and nourishing both physically and spiritually
about a loaf of bread.

One was a rye sourdough bread and the other was fig and walnut sourdough
from Volare.
Homegrown beetroot and cold cuts, or homemade jam, we made delicious sandwiches.

Back at my place, Robert and I had a cup of tea
and date loaf with butter and Sunnyside honey for afternoon tea.
He deserved it. He'd been helping me in my garden.
We planted my zinneas and Robert made me a bean wigwam in my tiny vege patch.

I'm a butter to the edge person so Robert buttered
mine thinly right to the edge. That made me laugh.
Robert does not butter out to the edges.
How about you?
Do you butter to the edge or just in the middle.
I also fill my tea cup right to the top
and he is a 'tide out' person.
How about you?

While we were enjoying our cup of tea and buttered loaf,
there was a commotion outside.
Four delightful young students were trying to attract our attention.
"Come down here " they called. "We've got a present for you."

They were making a 'very brief movie' entitled 'RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS'
I will be starting to think myself a film star soon. Having been on Peta's TV show and now a film!
Their cheerfulness and friendliness made a happy day perfect.

To complete a lovely day I caught Juliet's interview with Maureen Garing on RadioNZ.
It was a wonderful interview Juliet. I hope lots of kiwis were listening. A wonderful explanation of how we can get back in harmony with our festivals and seasons.

Can be heard ... Spiritual Outlook for 12 September 2010 RadioNZ
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  1. what a lovely Sunday, complete with the friendly students. your breads looked as did your date loaf. I will make you feel quite sad J as neither Jeff or I use butter ..or margarine, we are completely without butter people ;-) I had a lovely Sunday as Clare came up to have lunch with about a dozen of her girlfriends so she came early and spent some time here before and after her lunch date. She is so bright and cheery.

  2. Oh bother M. Now I'll never know whether you are an all over butterer or a middle only butterer. I was going to do this highly scientific study.

  3. Well if I was a butter person I would most definitely be an all over butterer and Jeff would be in a middle only person ;-)

  4. I thought so M! Goodness knows what it means though.

  5. What a lovely full day Joan....the bread looks yummy and I love the idea of The random acts of kindness.

    I think we are butter to the edge people in our family, tea to the edge too...I hope that doesn't make us greedy!

  6. Maybe it makes us 'glass half full' people Debby. I hope so!

  7. I am all in favor of butter -- I'd do both sides if it weren't so messy.

  8. We try to stay away from butter, but, if butter is needed, as I think it sometimes is, I go all the way, especially if it is a tasty fresh loaf such as the ones you have here. Yep! All the way to the edge for me. In fact, even if it is peanut butter, or jelly, or jam, there I am, hanging onto to the edge. Can you tell? It is time here for some breakfast and there you are - a film star! Hurray!

  9. Lovely post! thank-you for sharing:0)

    With the butter and tea debate I'm with you all the away(I've observed men in general are ahem not quite as generous as female folk are when it come to making a cup of tea or even pouring a glass of water; I easily dehydrated - I guess they make up for it in other ways:)

  10. This is such a Winny The Pooh post isn't it> I think he would say 'don't worry about the's the honey that counts.'

    Vicki.. now that IS interesting a butterer of both sides. If a butterer to the edges person is a glass half full person, then you are surely a 'my glass overflows' person. Wonderful! I'll have an exclamation mark to celebrate that!
    Penny.. good. Another butterer to the edge. I'm liking edge butterers more and more.

    Cosmic..too ,welcome to the happy club of edge butterers. I'm not sure it can be gender friend Janet is very much a 'tide out' teacup pourer. I always sneak back to top mine up when she pours me a cup of tea.

  11. By the way, you don't have to be crazy to comment on this post, but it helps.

  12. The width and length of butter spreading is one thing, but what about the depth? (Butter to the edge and an inch thick for me, please!)

  13. I'm crazy and proud of it. Anyone who knows me knows they just have to "butter me up". Oh, bother, now I'm getting silly. My Tom is a "tide out" person as well and I thought it was just him. Your post here led me to do one on Bread and Jam for Frances and then I started another on honey to post another day and accidently hit post. Isn't this how great inventions come about? Just asking . . .
    What fun this was, Joan. What would our grandparents think with some of you down there and some of us up here chatting on both sides of the bread and butter? Love it.

  14. Oh good for you KitchenMaid! That is really living.

  15. As Julia Child said, "You can never have too much butter!" To the edge, and beyond! Nothing better than bread and butter. Yours looks absolutely yummy!

  16. Excellent Teresa Evangeline. Good on you and Julia !