Thursday, September 30, 2010


Well friends... the WOW show...
The Wearable Arts in Wellington was wonderful.
I am sorry I could not take photos to share with you.
The shows go on...
and photography is not allowed..
not that there is any time to be taking photos.
There was so much going on my eyes were on stalks trying to take it all in.
It was a little bit Cirque du Soleil as Teresa Evangeline and Kitty Howard
commented but also like fashion catwalk extaordinary..

The choreography was brilliant.
I think the children's section was my favourite, with a theme of fairy tales.
It opened with a giant pop-up story book coming down, opening up into a wonderful castle.

Many of the entries were from overseas and the supreme winner was from China

It is a show that can't be described but has to be seen.
Art come alive and moving.
I hope there will be You Tube movies to be seen one day.
These pictures I scanned from the programme.
They seem a bit tame compared to the show.
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  1. thanx 4 the entry. i'll look up for official videos. funny to hear people referring to " cirque du soleil" as it originated from my city... sounds a bit chauvinistic, doesn't it?! glad you had a great time!!!

  2. Thank you Ticklebear. Cirque du Soleil is so magic. I have only seen it once in Auckland and it was unforgettable. WOW is slightly up there.

  3. This sounds like a fantastic and creative and ??? show - a feast for the eyes, no? I'm glad you enjoyed it so.

  4. It must be so fabulous to see it all - I must go one time!