Friday, September 24, 2010

Earlier in the year, when it wasn't spring,
I was intrigued to find this seat by the lake, on a higher path,
with a plaque that said
"I know a place where bluebells grow"

I returned today
and sure enough there are bluebells..
and whitebells.
I love it's rather wild aspect.

A lovely place to sit
and contemplate...

and dream dreams...
"Down among the bluebells, bluebells, bluebells.
Down among the bluebells,bluebells, blue."

Thank you to those who thought to plant bluebells down by the lake.
I'm thinking of you on this wildish spring day.
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  1. I'm so very glad you went back to find the bluebells flowering, Joan. It is so uplifting to find these little spots in our world where someone had taken the time to leave a little bit of loveliness behind for others to enjoy. With all the rains and storms you have had it must have been pure bliss to see these growing. I'm so glad you brought back pictures to share here.

  2. Thank you Penny. Do you have bluebells. I saw bluebells in woods in Ireland and ours are not nearly as big and wonderful. There it was a sea of the most gorgeous blue and the scent was amazing.

  3. We do, Joan. They grow throughout most of the states and are most famous in Texas and Virginia. Your lovely little spot here is like an Austen novel. So peaceful. I will be sure to look for bluebells next spring.

  4. exquisitely-beautiful! Looks like paradise on earth, ah if only..........