Monday, September 20, 2010

A telephone Doodle..

Do you doodle while on the phone?
This is a wee doodle I doodled while talking to a dear friend this morning.
I doodle away with out consciously thinking.

The words are the motto
of the school where I last taught.
I was a foundation day teacher when the school opened 2.2.88
It was such a privilege to be at this school.
I was there from 1988 until 2004.
I wrote the words at the finish
because the doodle made me think of the school motto.

It was a low decile school, in a low socio-economic area. The roll was about 90% maori children.
The children were wonderful. They taught me a great deal.
Just had a thought.. maybe the butterflies are a metaphor for transformation.. children growing and blossoming... reaching their potential.

I send special blessings out to teachers of children .. that they may work the magic, and to children that they may truly fly...

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  1. Great phone doodle and I love the school motto! Brilliant for any school but I think it's perfect for that school in particular as the children are so lovely but some have so much going against them; if only they all could fly, if they all could have the start in life that they need.

  2. That is such a charming doodle! I doodle, but it's usually a jumble by the end of the phone conversation!

    That's a wonderful motto for any school, but even more important for those children who are struggling with the odds against them. Isn't it incredible what you can learn from children?

  3. Lovely doodle Joan....

    ,,,It's great working with children isn't it? I'm really excited about the prospect of a residency in a local school...the first workshop is in November....I just love the enthusiasm that young people have.....

    I might be asking you for some tips before then......

  4. So right Marilyn, and Talon. It is a good motto.
    I'll be looking forward to hearing about your residency in Nov. Debby.

  5. Sure wish I could doodle like this (or at all, for that matter) - but since I can't I will just continue to appreciate yours :)

  6. This is actually pretty powerful doodling, especially combined with your blessings sent to teachers and their students. I Love this.

  7. Another fine doodle, Joan, and such a purposeful motto. I love the idea of the butterflies being a metaphor for transformation of the students. I always found I learned more from children than they must have from me. It is good that you were in their lives in their early years. Lovely thoughts to start my day here.

  8. Lovely, pretty and profound doodle, Joan!


  9. Molly..good to see you here. I've been missing you!
    Thank you Teresa Evangeline, Penny and Cosmic for your kind comments.