Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What is Dream..What is Reality..

I've been thinking more about dreams and reality. That movie really got me thinking!
I thought it about time I posted my doodle a day too!

what is dream
what is reality

i live in my head
i think my thinking is me

i think about the past
i think about what will come

The past does not exist
what will come does not exist

i have lost reality
i am living in a dream

walking heads
we live in a dream
of course creative dreams are good
everything starts with an idea.. a dream

i take my little camera walking
i see what is
in stillness is the real me

kingfisher calls
softly petals fall in the mist
the awakening leaf unfurls

this is reality just now


and ... i am safe ...just now

Our fellow Kiwis in Canterbury are facing such a scary NOW with many awful aftershocks happening still.
I am so proud of our little country the way everyone is coping. The Mayor and his team, our Prime Minister and all the helpers.
The University students who rallied on Facebook and out in force with their spades and wheelbarrows. Neighbours helping neighbours. Our local supermarket is taking our monetary donations. All we need is for Mother Earth to settle down so the big fix up can happen.

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  1. This is a beautiful post J, you are right, all we have is now. The past is gone and the future never comes as we only ever have the day we are living.
    Funny things dream are, mine must be funny as they cause me to giggle, but Jeff has violent ones which isn't very nice as a man in England killed his wife as in his dream she was an intruder! I have two very old dream books of my grandmother's, I wish I had known she was interested in dreams as I would love to talk to her about them.
    I too am proud our fellow Kiwis from the Prime Minister down, so many people doing so much to help; the students are brilliant I think.

  2. A dreamy doodle and a thoughtful post, Joan.
    Your countrymen and women have conducted themselves in such a remarkable way and have set such a fine example to the rest of the world in your dealing with such a disaster. Please know that prayers and thoughts come your way from your friends up north.

  3. keep al sharp objects away from Jeff at night I'd say M! Fancy having your GrMother's dream books.

    Isn't it wonderful the world of blogging Penny, that brings the world so close. Thank you for the prayers. I heard a report about Haiti today .. an earthquake the same magnitude as Christchurch.. but so many dead.

  4. The interview I heard was with Alison Thompson, Australian film maker, who is doing volunteer work in Haiti with Sean Penn. 250,000 people died in the earthquake. The people are still desperate.

  5. I'm glad to see your daily doodle is back, I love all of your doodles!

  6. Wonderful doodle and deep thoughts . . . a camera is a wonderful way of focusing om the NOW . . . which is all there is. Yesterday a memory...tomorrow a dream...