Thursday, September 30, 2010

Travelling to and from Wellington...

When I close my eyes and recall the trip to Wellington
I see rolling green hills
and lots of sheep and young lambs.
Thankfully these North Island lambs looked healthy and very much alive.

The grass of the fields was that wonderful new spring green
fresh from spring rain.
The Kaihikatea trees on the hill are remnants of virgin native forest cleared for farming
during the past century. This is such a young country.

I loved driving through the country towns.
This is a small marae and Whare Nui, a maori meeting house.

Even the smallest towns have good cafes with great coffee...

but the lambs were my chief delight.
It is strange how being part of blogging I kept seeing my country
through the eyes of blogging friends and wishing I could capture all the beauty of
this little land to share with you!
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  1. The beauty you see, you share perfectly. I can hear the bleats of the lambs as I look at the gorgeous shots...

  2. It is so good to see you back in cyberspace, Joan, and your pictures are just so lovely of the countryside. You have captured some of your beauty for us so far away and I appreciate seeing the maori meetinghouse, so bright red against the lush green colors.

  3. love those rolling hills...