Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Spring Morning.

87 years ago today the Marsden family said goodbye to their friends and family
on an autumn day in Wigan and headed for New Zealand.
Thank you for your adventurous spirits
and thank you that I am here today.

The first of the deciduous trees in our street has turned green.
This seems to happen so suddenly.

All winter it is bare branches
then one morning you look out and it is shining green in the sunshine.

This morning kingfisher is still merrily calling 'rain,rain,rain'
and the sky is filled with high mare's tails that warn more rain is on the way.

The starlings, that are nest building under my eaves, naughty things, sit quietly in the oak tree as the sun comes up.
Like me, they seem to be appreciating a beautiful spring morning
and take time out from their housework to simply enjoy it.

My quest for today is to make something lovely for my lovely sister-in-law.
It is her birthday tomorrow.
So off I go. Wish me luck.
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  1. Beautiful 'tis Kiwiland aka New Zealand!

  2. Beautiful, truly beautiful. I love it when spring pops! Even though we pretty much know what's coming, it's still a wonderous event!

    I feel blessed that this winter, when we're snowed in, I can click to my friends in Australia and New Zealand and enjoy a cup of tea that is truly seasonal. Ahhh, the warmth of it all.

  3. You are like me in that we both seem to be drawn to look out in the mornings; I love seeing the day wake and seeing what it brings. I like your sky and tree photos, we haven't had very much blue in our sky so far today.

  4. Spring green happens in the same way here. All of a sudden everything is green and I am always amazed at how many shades of green nature has. Fall seems to come about slowly. Maybe to ease us into what comes next. I love your mares tails.
    That is a lovely tribute to your Marsden family, Joan.

  5. I love that you are awakening to Spring as we are preparing for autumn and I get to see those vibrant shades of green that herald Spring. Beautiful photos and thank you for stopping by my blog.

    I hope you had great success and inspiration crafting your gift.

    That last photo is soooo beautiful! You should frame that one - it's glorious.

  6. How beautifully you have caught the energy of spring, in the delicate foliage of the tree, the streaks of cloud, and the memory of your adventurous ancestors.