Thursday, September 30, 2010

Natural Aging..

I left this camellia in the bowl of water
when I went off to Wellington..
The colour of the flower changed as it aged.

I was about to throw it out this morning
but when I really looked I saw how beautiful it was.
It looked like a hand crafted flower brooch, with beads for stamens.

I have posted it here thinking of blogging friends
who are in the mellow season of autumn..
the season of letting go.
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  1. This stunning camellia would look oh-so-perfect on a russet and orange ensemble I plan to wear soon. Isn't it amazing how nature provides the palette for much of what we wear? It was nice of you to be so thoughtful of your blogging friends who are fallish now, Joan.

  2. It is so autumnal indeed, and so beautiful. I like the title 'natural aging'; it's different from its former self, but has its own loveliness.